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Here you can find current news articles about wildland-urban interface issues in the U.S. and abroad. Please note that while Interface South maintains news archives for reference, the links may no longer be active. You may need to contact the source or host website for more information.

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Mar 2003 contains 23 News Articles.

Forest Fragmentation May Increase Lyme Disease Risk
Science Daily - 28 Mar 2003
Patchy woods' common in cities and suburbia, and even in rural areas' may have more Lyme disease-carrying ticks, which could increase risk of the disease in these forest remnants, scientists have found.

On the path of the pine beetle
Whistler Question, Canada - 27 Mar 2003
In addition to helping residents identify and destroy infested trees on their property, municipal and Ministry of Forests officials are encouraging homeowners to educate themselves about how they can minimize the risk of damage of fire in the wildland-urban interface.

Watershed plan unveiled
The Express Times, PA - 27 Mar 2003
While the county can boast it contains some of the healthiest streams in the Raritan Basin, it also is the scene of rapid suburban development . . . The plan is designed to give municipalities, agricultural groups and businesses the tools to take better care of streams and rivers.

Tampa Bay tapping bay as new source of drinking water - despite some concerns
Environmental News Network - 26 Mar 2003
The Tampa Bay area's burgeoning population of nearly 2 million people is tapping a new source for its drinking water: salty Tampa Bay itself . . . The initial output is between 8 million to 12 million gallons a day, but the plant is expected to reach full capacity by mid-April, generating 25 million gallons a day. That's 10 percent of the area's drinking water . . . The plant has become operational despite concerns from some area residents that it will increase salinity in Tampa Bay and reduce oxygen in the water.

Low impact means high water quality
Tacoma News Tribune, WA - 25 Mar 2003
In Pierce County, officials are writing a low-impact development ordinance as part of a proposed "habitat protection and restoration" package. The regulatory changes are intended to meet statewide growth-management goals as well as federal clean water and endangered species rules.

Insurance May Not Ensure a Home's Replacement
New York Times, NY - 23 Mar 2003
Many homeowners are under the impression that their insurance will pay the full cost of replacement if their houses sustain extensive damage from fire or other causes. Yet three-quarters of all homes nationwide are undervalued for insurance purposes . . .

Forest officials find getting to the root of wildfires no easy task
Oregonian, OR - 23 Mar 2003
Wildfire experts gathered at Oregon State University last week agreed that even after decades of battling fires, they still do not understand basic points such as how big fires like the Biscuit behave, how to thin forests so blazes remain more subdued and what to do after the flames pass.

New Homes Must Use Land Wisely Says Environment Agency
CITIVAS2004, Europe - 20 Mar 2003
The Environment Agency has come forth with a number of concerns when it comes to the sustainability of the new homes. These include: The danger of developing properties in flood plains; How the new households will impact water supplies; What effect the trash from the new households will have on existing landfills; and How new development will contribute to greenhouse gas emissions through increased energy consumption.

City council raises sewer concern in subdivision
Grand Island Independent, NE - 19 Mar 2003
With the problems of retrofitting sewer and water into existing homes -- arguments made by homeowners night after night during failed annexation hearings last year -- Councilwoman Margaret Hornady said she couldn't even believe the city would consider any plan with septic systems -- a sentiment shared by Councilman Scott Walker.

Gathering to focus on nuisance geese
Wausau Daily Herald, WI - 19 Mar 2003
The Canada goose has made a home in many urban areas, forcing communities to try various ways to uproot the large bird. More than 200 experts will devote an entire day to nuisance geese during an international Canada goose symposium today through Friday in Madison.

Blue Planet: The fire this time
United Press International - 14 Mar 2003
... in the modern parlance -- produced "A Collaborative Approach for Reducing Wildland ... fire plan, he added, "is not appropriately structured to deal with urban areas at the frontier regions ...

California Finalizes Settlement of Colorado River Water Dispute
Environment News Service - 14 Mar 2003
... The battle over water allocation is a critical issue for several western states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. ...

Fire season prediction: Not as bad as 2002, but still hot
Coos Bay World, OR - 12 Mar 2003
... The wildland fire outlook has been published by the National Interagency Fire Center following a preseason conference of scientists in Mesa, Ariz., late last ...

Oil, gas industry gets two-year break from storm water permits
Environmental News Network - 11 Mar 2003
Developers of oil and gas sites across the country will have at least two more years before they are required to get new storm water permits intended to protect fish, wildlife, and people.

Lots of foxes trot through city
Rocky Mountain News, CO - 11 Mar 2003
Foxes can be found everywhere - in waterways, cemeteries, vacant lots, under porches or in back yards - in the Front Range's urban and suburban areas.

Wildfire fighting budgets take a beating while drought worsens
Raleigh News, NC - 10 Mar 2003
... In Washington, the governor's budget proposal would slice 15 percent from the $29 million firefighting budget, parking 21 of the state's 113 wildland fire ...

Water Shortage: Worldwide, a crisis; here at home, a challenge
Detroit Free Press, MI - 9 Mar 2003
... will be seriously short of water. Meantime, water quality will worsen from pollution and rising temperatures. That may be hard to ...

Wetlands restoration efforts could help ease water pollution
Charlotte Observer, NC - 9 Mar 2003
... early data. Kirby-Smith said the scale of the North River Farms restoration project could dramatically improve water quality. "If ...

Plan would double logging in Sierra
Sacramento Bee, CA - 7 Mar 2003
... And over the next five years, 75 percent of all thinning would continue to occur in the "wildland-urban interface" -- forestry jargon for 2.5 million acres of ...

UN world water report: cities breeding mosquitoes and the poor paying too high a price
Environmental Data Interactive, UK - 7 Mar 2003
... as the countries with the worst quality of groundwater from industrial and sewage pollution, while Finland, Canada and the UK enjoy the best quality water.

OK expected soon for fish ladder plan
Ojai Valley News, CA - 7 Mar 2003
... This could require cutbacks in water available for customers - especially for agriculture - raise water pumping costs, impact water quality, harm recreation ...

Habitat Conservations Plans may be too much of a good thing
Environmental News Network - 7 Mar 2003
Political conflict is common wherever urban development pushes into habitat occupied by imperiled wildlife. Every state and region has its own battlegrounds, but nowhere is the collision between human population pressures and natural ecosystems more pronounced than on California's rapidly growing south coast.

Home insurance for wildfire - prone areas
Arizona Daily Sun, AZ - 1 Mar 2003
... other suggestions. The Prescott Area Wildland/Urban Interface Commission sponsors the town hall each year. Increasing catastrophic ...