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Here you can find current news articles about wildland-urban interface issues in the U.S. and abroad. Please note that while Interface South maintains news archives for reference, the links may no longer be active. You may need to contact the source or host website for more information.

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Nov 2005 contains 30 News Articles.

Environmental health challenges overwhelming Katrina victims
MercuryNews.com - 30 Nov 2005
Three months after Hurricane Katrina raked the Gulf Coast, a major health crisis is emerging as residents struggle with the foul air, moldy houses and numbing stress the killer storm left behind.

What do pests do in the winter?
Business Wire, VA - 28 Nov 2005
Ever wonder what pests do in the winter? The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has answers.

Developing countries to seek pay for preservation of forests
Los Angeles Times - 28 Nov 2005
Arguing that the rest of the world is benefiting from their natural wealth without shouldering the cost, a bloc of developing countries led by Papua New Guinea and Costa Rica plans to make a novel proposition in Montreal this week at a United Nations conference on climate change: Pay us, and we will preserve our rain forests.

New forest and wildland health risk assessment center opens
Bendbulletin.com - 26 Nov 2005
Officially known as the Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment Center, the Prineville center is one of two pioneer research hubs charged with detecting, evaluating and predicting natural and manmade riskds to U.S. forests and rangeland.

It's a war of the woods in B.C.
Excalibur, York University - 23 Nov 2005
Over the past four years, stakeholders - local communities, logging companies, labour, tourism and conservationists, among others - have sat down and banged out a land-use plan for British Columbia's Central Coast, also known as the Great Bear Rainforest.

City seeks major boost for outdoor recreation
Terrace Standard - 23 Nov 2005
The face of Terrace Mountain could change next year if the city successfully gets money from a federal agency for the creation of a bike trail. Improvements will not only benefit local recreationalists but could attract tourism and increase business for local bike shops.

In central North Carolina, there's little water anywhere
Christian Science Monitor - 23 Nov 2005
A severe local drought - one of three in the US right now - has nearly emptied Falls Lake, the only water supply for North Carolina's capital city. To cope with the drought, Raleigh slaps some residents with $1,000 fines for excess water use.

A toxic legacy in the heart of the wilderness
GlobeandMail.com - 21 Nov 2005
Abandoned by the military 40 years ago, this toxic wasteland has been left to rot, its chemicals leaking into the ground, as federal and provincial authorities bicker over who should pay for a cleanup.

For trucks, stopping but not idling
Baltimore Sun, MD - 21 Nov 2005
A year ago, trucker Roy Gilbert would have left his truck idling - spewing a gallon's worth of diesel exhaust each hour - to keep his cab warm and lighted at night.

Can Washington grow enough for a state biodiesel industry?
Washington Associated Press Wire - 20 Nov 2005
The dream is homegrown diesel, and Gov. Christine Gregoire is leading the effort to find out how Washington state can make it come true.

Congress poised to support America's forests
DuluthNewsTribune.com - 18 Nov 2005
Dubbed the Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act, the bill has bipartisan support and should gain the support of those who are passionate about ensuring that our national forests are reforested after catastrophic events.

Deer and people clash in Minnesota
CNN.com - 18 Nov 2005
The problem of deer encroaching on cities and suburbs is not new, with some communities considering everything from hiring sharpshooters to deer contraception to cut down the populations.

Federal agencies announce new hydropower rules to ensure consideration of environmental and economic values
U.S. Department of Agriculture - 18 Nov 2005
The departments of the Interior, Commerce, and Agriculture announced today new Interim Final Rules to improve licensing procedures for hydropower while protecting threatened and endangered fish species, water quality, and federal and tribal resources. The rules mark the first time that the three departments have established joint procedures for dispute resolution regarding hydropower licensing.

A cautionary picture of water supplies as Earth warms
Christian Science Monitor - 17 Nov 2005
Mountain snows and alpine glaciers represent key reservoirs of fresh water for some 1.6 billion people worldwide. In 50 years, however, a warming planet is likely to disrupt many of these sources, leaving millions of people scrambling for additional supplies.

Ecosystem assessments focus on charlotte region
AmericanForests.org - 16 Nov 2005
National and regional nonprofit organizations and foundations today outlined a suite of projects and initiatives that will help local decision makers better protect key ecological services in one of the 10 fastest-growing regions in the country.

Study: 800 species at risk in California
CNN.com - 15 Nov 2005
More than 800 animal species in California are imperiled by development, pollution and recreational activities, a sobering assessment that should guide development throughout the nation's most populous state, according to a two-year government study.

11 components for liveable city
The Star Online, Malaysia - 14 Nov 2005
A livable, or sustainable, city should have 11 components including housing, recreational and welfare facilities, environment, heritage and tourism, Town and Country Planning Department director-general Datuk Mohd Fadzil Mohd Khir said.

U.N.: World forest loss still alarming
CNN.com - 14 Nov 2005
Some 13 million hectares of forests are destroyed around the world each year, an area the size of Greece, although the net loss of trees has finally slowed thanks mainly to new plantations.

Fires set to make forests healthy
STLToday.com - 13 Nov 2005
The Forest Service is proposing to increase its own use of fire to promote woodland health in the Mark Twain and Shawnee national forests. Some groups are applauding and some are opposing.

Rural sprawl in NW poses wildfire-evacuation worries
Associated Press - 12 Nov 2005
If a major wildfire breaks out, officials are worried they won't be able to evacuate residents or save homes in increasingly popular rural subdivisions.

U.S. government exceeds renewable energy goal
GreenBiz.com - 10 Nov 2005
The Department of Energy has announced that the federal government has exceeded its goal of obtaining 2.5% of its electricity needs from renewable energy sources by September 30, 2005.

How does a neighborhood influence physical activity and diet?
Medical Study News - 7 Nov 2005
The project by nutrition researchers from Virginia Tech's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is part of efforts to learn how a neighborhood influences physical activity and diet.

Big 5 2005 to highlight the latest developments in environmental building
AMEinfo.com - 7 Nov 2005
As the planning and construction of projects across Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and the MENA region continues at an incredible pace, there is also a growing recognition of the issues that need to be addressed if natural environments are to be protected.

Solar suburb? Town to vote on developer's plan
Associated Press - 7 Nov 2005
Every new home would have rooftop solar panels that could lower electricity bills 50 to 60 percent and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But there's a catch: Livermore voters must agree to allow construction on hundreds of acres of protected open space and absorb more than two square miles of picturesque grassland within city limits.

Groups offering help to save Gulf Coast's urban forests
Picayune Item - 5 Nov 2005
The battered trees of south Mississippi's urban forests will receive a helping hand from state, federal and private grants totaling around $500,000, officials and nonprofit conservation groups said on Friday.

Bill to force logging public forests after fires introduced
Environment News Service - 3 Nov 2005
Nearly 100 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have sponsored legislation that they say would expedite the cleanup and restoration of federal forests after catastrophic events such as wildfires, hurricanes and windstorms.

Forest Service shifts its ATV mandate
Denver Post - 3 Nov 2005
To contain the growing number of off-road vehicles, foresters must invoke a 'closed unless designated open' policy.

A howl of a time: counting wolves in France
Christian Science Monitor - 3 Nov 2005
The animals, which reappeared in France only a few years ago, are stuck in the middle of a controversy over whether or not they should be allowed to stay.

Firefighters push defensible space; financial help available
Silver City Sun-News - 1 Nov 2005
Wildland firefighters at the state and county level continue to sound a warning to area residents that there is still potential for a catastrophic fire in the urban interface area with the Gila National Forest and other wooded lands.

After wildfires, to log or not to log?
Christian Science Monitor - 1 Nov 2005
A report rejects US policy of logging after fires in national forests, arguing a hands-off approach yields better results.