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Here you can find current news articles about wildland-urban interface issues in the U.S. and abroad. Please note that while Interface South maintains news archives for reference, the links may no longer be active. You may need to contact the source or host website for more information.

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May 2005 contains 12 News Articles.

Green agenda for world's urban mayors
San Francisco Chronicle - 29 May 2005
San Francisco plays host this week to mayors from around the globe who will be attending a United Nations conference dedicated to adopting sound environmental practices for urban centers -- where the majority of the world's population lives. The theme of the conference is "green cities,'' and the mayors will hammer out an accord on ways to improve energy use, recycling, environmental health, urban design, transportation, metropolitan parks and water quality and supply.

Trees that love global warming
ABC News - 19 May 2005
Every day an 18-wheel tanker truck pulls up alongside a lush forest near Duke University in North Carolina. Within a short time, the truck’s cargo of dreaded carbon dioxide gas begins flowing through a series of pipes and onto a forest rich with loblolly pines and small hardwood trees. For four years now, scientists at Duke have inundated the forest with carbon dioxide, the principle greenhouse gas that is expected to wreak havoc on the planet in the decades ahead by elevating temperatures, causing sea level to rise, and severely altering vegetation around the globe.

SNRA proposes logging to reduce wildfire fuels
mtxpress.com - 18 May 2005
The Sawtooth National Recreation Area is seeking comments and suggestions on a proposal to reduce fuel loading on up to 1,000 acres of national forest land near forest recreation developments and private land along state Highway 21. The area is seven miles northwest of Stanley.

Bush promotes biodiesel fuel as an alternative
latimes.com, CA - 18 May 2005
President Bush praised biodiesel Monday as "one of our nation's most promising alternative fuel sources" as he stepped up pressure on the Senate to pass his energy bill, which he said would reverse America's dependence on foreign oil

Global warming seen up close?
presstelegram.com - 16 May 2005
The first signs of spring are appearing earlier in the year, and a new study from Stanford University released Monday says man-made global warming is clearly to blame.

U.S. Mayors Support Global Warming Treaty
Associated Press-ABC News - 16 May 2005
Despite the Bush administration's resistance to the Kyoto global warming pact, more than 130 U.S. mayors have applied the agreement's standards in a bid to reduce America's carbon dioxide emissions, Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels said Monday. Concerned by several warm winter days in his own city, Nickels said he appealed to mayors across the country in February when the global treaty was enacted without the participation of the United States, the largest emitter of heat-trapping gases.

Sun, sand and testing beaches for bacteria
Columbia Chronicle Online - 16 May 2005
Last summer Chicago’s beaches were closed 128 times due to high bacteria levels. Now, with the summer and beach season fast approaching, the Chicago Park District is ready to begin its regular water testing regimen in an effort to keep swimmers away from unsafe water.

Yard debris a recipe for destruction
Wausau Daily Herald, WI - 13 May 2005
For the Wausau Daily Herald The wildfire that decimated 3,900 acres in Adams County last week destroyed 30 homes. Yet just 150 feet from a home that was reduced to a pile of ash and rubble, another residence remained virtually unscathed. The difference, said Department of Natural Resources forest ranger Brad Kildow, was the second property was free of flammable yard debris, and its landscaping scheme also helped.

Purdue taking part in project to create tougher urban trees
www.jconline, IN - 13 May 2005
Purdue University researchers at the Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center in West Lafayette have joined a national trial to produce a superior urban street tree.

Wildfire Awareness Week's new defensible space' requirements
Oroville Mercury Register Online, CA - 12 May 2005
Wildfire Awareness Week ends Friday, but the need for property owners in the Butte County foothills to ensure they have adequate defensible space around their homes is just beginning.

Snowmass comes up with plans for return of bears
Casper Star Tribune, WY - 5 May 2005
As black bears emerge from their wintry dens and wipe the sleep from their eyes, local wildlife officers are reflecting on last summer's tragedy and preparing for the upcoming summer season. The drought of the northern Rockies has wildlife officers throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and western Canada seeing an increase in bear-human interactions as hungry bears scavenge in populated areas. In Snowmass Village last summer, the food shortage was created by a late frost that stopped the growth of the wild berry and acorn crop, leaving Pitkin County bears with little to eat.

Ranking the cities with the dirtiest air, 2005
American Lung Association - 4 May 2005
New evidence shows that more groups are at risk from air pollution and that the health risks are even more serious than experts previously believed, according to the annual American Lung Association State of the Air: 2005 report released today. The report also warns that continued threats to relax federal rules for corporate polluters will jeopardize public health.