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Here you can find current news articles about wildland-urban interface issues in the U.S. and abroad. Please note that while Interface South maintains news archives for reference, the links may no longer be active. You may need to contact the source or host website for more information.

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Sep 2005 contains 19 News Articles.

SoCal forest management plan aims to balance recreation, preservation
Associated Press - 23 Sep 2005
The U.S. Forest Service released new management plans for four national forests in Southern California on Friday, describing them as an attempt to meet the changing recreational demand of the public while also protecting the forests and their wildlife.

Thinning project shows dramatic success
Missoulian - 21 Sep 2005
The Camp 32 fire burned fast and furious until it reached an area thinned and burned by the Kootenai National Forest four years ago. While some of the cut-over area burned, some acreage did not burn - and none of it burned as intensely as did the untreated forest.

Air pollution found to pose greater threat
USC Public Relations, CA - 20 Sep 2005
USC-led study based in the Los Angeles area shows significant death risk linked to airborne particles. A large number of participants allowed scientists to control for dozens of factors that influence health outcome.

Eye on research: Student research to tackle environmental issues
Silver City Sun News, NM - 19 Sep 2005
For the next six months, college students throughout the United States will be researching new technologies to address some of the nation’s most pressing environmental issues, such as water quality and quantity, food safety and greenhouse gas emissions.

Air pollution
Gotham Gazette, NY - 19 Sep 2005
Despite improvements over the past decades, New York's air still ranks among the unhealthiest in the nation. Recognizing this -- and faced with a federal deadline to clean up the air by 2010 -- the city and state governments have taken steps to address the problem.

Have land reforms encouraged active lifestyles?
Newswise, VA - 19 Sep 2005
Virginia Tech has received a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation through its Active Living Research program to evaluate how Wisconsin’s pioneering Smart Growth Act of 1999 is spurring the development of more physically active communities.

Groups seek to close roads in forest
Associated Press - 15 Sep 2005
Conservation groups are seeking to close several roads in the Vedauwoo area of the Medicine Bow National Forest because of damage caused by all-terrain vehicles being driven off the roads.

Tahoe National Forest hosts groundbreaking climate change research
YubaNet - 14 Sep 2005
The Tahoe National Forest (TNF) hosted a news conference at its Nevada City, Calif. headquarters to highlight groundbreaking climate change research and carbon monitoring currently underway on public lands in the North Yuba River area.

It takes some green to keep region green
Rockford Register Star - 12 Sep 2005
The Forest Preserve District could ask voters in March or November to pay higher property taxes to help buy 11,700 acres of environmentally sensitive land. The district now owns 9,400 acres.

Reforestation of burnt earth: Use truffles
RedNova - 12 Sep 2005
Researchers at the Botany Department of the University of Navarra have undertaken a study on the use of mycorrhizzae-introduced plants on surface land areas affected by fires.

University to make green space a priority
The Morning News - 10 Sep 2005
University of Arkansas officials announced during a Board of Trustees meeting Friday they plan to turn the area near Carlson Terrace into an open green space and tailgating area for Razorback games. The Gardens, as officials are calling the 6.45 acres off Razorback Road, will include flowers, gazebos, picnic areas and almost 100-year-old red and white oak trees.

Private land grabs upset Congress
Argus Leader Washington Bureau - 9 Sep 2005
Local officials across the country have become emboldened by a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding the government's right to take private property to make way for economic development, panelists told lawmakers this week during a congressional hearing.

Long experiment changes forest management
Capital Press, OR - 9 Sep 2005
A 200-year study of rotting logs in the Oregon Cascade Range is only 10 percent complete, but findings from this research have already helped save hundreds of millions of dollars, improved forest health and shattered conventional wisdom about the decay of woody debris.

Goats released as part of fire protection program
St. Helena Star, CA - 8 Sep 2005
The goal of the Angwin and Deer Park goat program is to reduce fuel load around the St. Helena Hospital and Pacific Union College so they can be more easily defended in the event of a wildland fire.

Environment: Wish away risk
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - 4 Sep 2005
Greater exposure to dirt, polluted water and toxic chemical emissions has long been a downside of life in poorer neighborhoods, even during the 19th century when cities lacked basic sanitation. Today, minority, low-income and recent-immigrant communities often face high levels of pollution in the soil, water or air.

Cooperative land management fostered by community forestry
New York Times - 4 Sep 2005
When the Plum Creek Timber Co. decided to sell its 88,000 acres in the mountain-ringed Blackfoot Valley near here in 2003, ranchers, conservationists and other locals worried that a crop of new houses would sprout. Dependent on the forest and mountains to make a living and for hunting and fishing, they formed a nonprofit group mostly consisting of area residents to buy the land.

Nature vs. development: Preserve feels growth pressures
Myrtle Beach Sun News, SC - 3 Sep 2005
Developers say homeowners have a right to easy access to preserve lands and can coexist happily with the animals there, including the federally protected bald eagle and red-cockaded woodpecker.

Poll: Americans Rate Drinking Water High
ABC News - 2 Sep 2005
In a new ABCNEWS.com poll, 71 percent say the quality of their drinking water is either good or excellent, a tad better than it was about a decade ago. Still, there’s room for improvement. Just 18 percent call it 'excellent,' and just over a quarter say it’s not so good or even poor.

Polk will drill deep for high-quality water
Orlando Sentinel - 1 Sep 2005
Polk County and water-management district officials are hoping they will find water good enough to drink in upcoming months when they drill into the Lower Floridan Aquifer in Four Corners.