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Here you can find current news articles about wildland-urban interface issues in the U.S. and abroad. Please note that while Interface South maintains news archives for reference, the links may no longer be active. You may need to contact the source or host website for more information.

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Apr 2006 contains 13 News Articles.

USDA Forest Service awards more than $1 million to enhance Hardwood Forest Products
U.S. Department of Agriculture - 27 Apr 2006
Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns announced that the USDA Forest Service is awarding more than $1 million in 19 matching grants to spur innovation and research of hardwood forest products and to encourage the use of a wider variety of forest resources.

Fire Awareness Week reminds residents to start clearing now
Kern Valley Sun, CA - 26 Apr 2006
The Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council wants to use Wildfire Awareness Week, May 7-13, to remind the community of the importance of taking measures now to reduce the danger of wildfire in the 'Wildland-Urban Interface' neighborhoods of the Kern River Valley.

Changing landscape
The Western News, MT - 26 Apr 2006
The changing landscape of the West is both our strength and our weakness -- especially now that those changes or fragmentation of the land uses is happening at a more rapid pace.

Backstory: What is the value of a tree?
Christian Science Monitor - 26 Apr 2006
Yes, humble street trees cool the air, reduce pollution, and absorb storm-water runoff, say forestry experts. But the benefits aren't only ecological, they say. Property values are 7 percent to 25 percent higher for houses surrounded by trees.

UN sees major shift to bioenergy
GreenBiz - 26 Apr 2006
Under the pressure of soaring oil prices and growing environmental constraints, momentum is gathering for a major international switch from fossil fuels to renewable bioenergy.

Groups unite on forest management plan
Independent Record, MT - 25 Apr 2006
An unusual coalition of timber mills and conservation groups unveiled a compromise proposal Monday for management of the 3.3 million-acre Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest.

A greener way to cut the grass
New York Times - 24 Apr 2006
Quart for quart the 2006 lawn mower engines contribute 93 times more smog-forming emissions than 2006 cars. But as soon as air pollution regulators suggested adding a golf-ball-size catalytic converter to the lawn mower, they found themselves in one of their fiercest political battles of the past decade.

Helping save prickly victims of development
New York Times - 14 Apr 2006
The Cactus Rescue Crew is saving thousands of cacti from development, such as roads, golf courses, and malls, in Arizona. They are also trying to promote the use of these cacti in xeriscaping.

In coastal states, a revival of offshore drilling debate
Christian Science Monitor - 13 Apr 2006
The battle over oil and gas drilling in the US is heating up on a new front - or rather multiple fronts in coastal waters from Virginia to Florida to California to Alaska.

Industry organizations launch effort to save gulf coast urban forests
Lawn and Landscape Magazine - 12 Apr 2006
Several industry organizations have joined together to provide cities, towns and townships in the impacted region with an initial tree risk assessment. The volunteer crews are collecting address, species and recommendations for immediate care on each tree, and recording the data in handheld computers that feed the information into an online data management program.

Poor design of built environment linked to sick kids
Environment News Service - 10 Apr 2006
Across the country, children are facing serious medical problems as a result of living in unhealthy built environments because poorly designed neighborhoods and buildings, roads, and sidewalks do not foster health, according to the American Public Health Association.

Monkey-dung study offers clues about land-use, wildlife ecology
Science Daily - 8 Apr 2006
Fecal matter of red colobus monkeys collected in western Uganda has yielded a wealth of knowledge about human land-use change and wildlife health and conservation. The main lesson, researchers say, is that the intensity of tree removal translates directly to parasite populations and the risk of infection of their hosts.

Growth magnifies wildfire hazards
Arizona Daily Star - 2 Apr 2006
With the drought continuing at near-record levels this spring, many firefighters across the metro area are concerned that homes in these areas could get burned in a major lowland blaze that torches desert, grasslands or forests. And the number of residents living in those zones is growing.