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Here you can find current news articles about wildland-urban interface issues in the U.S. and abroad. Please note that while Interface South maintains news archives for reference, the links may no longer be active. You may need to contact the source or host website for more information.

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May 2006 contains 20 News Articles.

War In Woods: Forest Service battles nature's many adversaries to maintain ANF's health
Times Observer, PA - 30 May 2006
Disease, drought, insects and deer browsing are all posing serious threats to the overall health of the Allegheny National Forest.

Predators, humans sharing habitats a volatile mix
CNN.com - 30 May 2006
Attacks on humans by alligators, bears, mountain lions and other predators are extremely rare, but some wildlife experts say they could become more common as people and animals encroach on each others' habitats.

Who should decide land use? U.S. government already does
New York Times - 30 May 2006
Authors of two new books argue that a patchwork of federal policies, accreted over generations, has dispersed too many people into places they should not be - in landscapes too delicate to tolerate heavy use or in places like fire-prone slopes where it is now too dangerous to live.

Wetland buffers help water quality
Portsmouth, NH - 29 May 2006
If homeowners with buffers can landscape their yards in the aesthetically pleasing and ecologically functioning way we are developing, then water quality in the city will be greatly improved.

State sets up 2-1-1 to call during disasters
The Arizona Republic - 29 May 2006
Within two hours after the governor declares an emergency, the state will have 24 live phone lines up and running to let people know whether they have to evacuate, what roads are closed or the closest place they can take their pets. In all, there will be 48 phone lines if needed.

Mediterranean cork oak forests at stake in wine closure battle
Environment News Service - 15 May 2006
Every year over 15 billion cork stoppers are produced and sold to the wine industry, but the increasing popularity of plastic and screw top closures could spell the end for the cork oak forests of the western Mediterranean, an environmental group warns.

Researchers point out Top 100 corporate polluters
GreenBiz.com - 15 May 2006
The Toxic 100 index is based on air releases of hundreds of chemicals from industrial facilities across the United States. The rankings take into account not only the quantity of releases, but the relative toxicity of chemicals, nearby populations, and factors such as prevailing winds and height of smokestacks.

Florida continues restoration of rivers, lakes, and estuaries
FL Department of Environmental Protection - 12 May 2006
Florida today marked another milestone in the campaign for cleaner water. Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Secretary Colleen M. Castille signed a final order identifying the fourth of five groups of waterbodies targeted for restoration. Waters identified for clean up include rivers, estuaries and lakes in the Pensacola Bay, Nassau-St. Marys, Withlacoochee, Kissimmee, Fisheating Creek, and Southeast Coast/Biscayne Bay Basins.

For environmentalists, a growing split over immigration
Christian Science Monitor - 12 May 2006
As politicians and the public heatedly debate immigration, so, too, are environmental activists.

Crews fight off invasion of nonnative plants in U.S. Virgin Islands
Associated Press - 9 May 2006
Crews armed with machetes and chainsaws hack through walls of thorny sweet lime plants in this U.S. Caribbean territory, avoiding turpentine trees and guava berries in a bid to remove invasive plants threatening to wipe out the native species.

Warner Bros. launches new environmental initiatives web site
GreenBiz.com - 9 May 2006
Warner Bros. Studios has launched a new Web site spotlighting the studio's creative approach to environmental initiatives and encouraging others to get into the act by playing a leading role in the environmental affairs of their businesses or communities.

VA seeks forest protection
Media General News Service - 8 May 2006
Three Southern states - Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina - asked the federal government to protect hundreds of thousands of acres in national forests from road construction.

Visions clash in debate over forest roads
Vail Daily, CO - 8 May 2006
Conservationists pit themselves against off-road vehicle riders.

Building "Green"
WTNH-TV - 8 May 2006
The rising cost of fuel has just about everyone looking at ways to conserve. And in the North End of Hartford volunteers are taking part in what could be the wave of the future for construction. "Green building" is all the buzz on the construction site we visited today. It's the newest way to build a home while saving energy, time and money.

How to deal with smoky odor
Florida Today - 8 May 2006
Those who deal with a fire's fallout agree there's little to do but wait out the stale stench, crank up the air conditioning and, in extreme cases, consult professional cleaners. The rank aftermath of a blaze is something residents have to deal with, said Shepherd Myrick, logistics chief for the Division of Forestry's blue team.

New landfill in New Orleans sets off a battle
New York Times - 8 May 2006
Officials have decided where several million tons of their remains will be dumped: in man-made pits at the swampy eastern edge of town, amongst the coffee-roasting plant, the space-shuttle factory, the big wildlife refuge, and less than 2 miles from more than a thousand Vietnamese-American families.

Students are concerned by U.S. plan to sell their trees
New York Times - 4 May 2006
A sixth grader at the Broad Creek Middle School was voicing the sentiments of her classmates and North Carolina's top officials when she wrote Mark Rey, under secretary of agriculture, two months ago to protest his proposal to sell 309,000 acres of National Forest land across the country, including nearly 10,000 in North Carolina.

Global market booming for organic cotton products
GreenBiz - 4 May 2006
Use of organically grown cotton by retail titans, fashion designers, and small and medium-size companies resulted in a dramatic growth in global retail sales of products containing organic cotton between 2001 and 2005, according to a new report by the Oakland, Calif.-based nonprofit Organic Exchange.

Seeking common ground on the environment
Star Tribune, MN - 4 May 2006
The project, called Envision Minnesota, is aimed at finding common ground on land use, natural habitat, and clean air and water, and discussing those issues during the campaigns.

Florida state parks voted among nation's best
FL Department of Environmental Protection - 3 May 2006
A national camping reservation organization recently honored the Florida Parks Service in its annual awards for America’s Top Outdoor Locations. ReserveAmerica recognized Florida parks in 14 categories for features such as camping, fishing and hiking.