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Here you can find current news articles about wildland-urban interface issues in the U.S. and abroad. Please note that while Interface South maintains news archives for reference, the links may no longer be active. You may need to contact the source or host website for more information.

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Aug 2006 contains 14 News Articles.

Avian flu detection information on wild birds available
U.S. Geological Survey - 24 Aug 2006
The public can now view a Web site showing current information about wild bird sampling for early detection of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in the United States: http://wildlifedisease.nbii.gov/ai/. Scientists are now using the newly developed database and Web application called HEDDS (HPAI Early Detection Data System) to share information on sample collection sites, bird species sampled, and test results.

Florida awards first solar energy rebates
FL Department of Environmental Protection - 22 Aug 2006
As part of the 2006 Florida Energy Act signed by Governor Jeb Bush in June, Florida is providing incentives to encourage citizens and companies to invest in alternative energy technologies.

Some urban youths express fears of parks and wildlife
Lansing State Journal - 21 Aug 2006
The public parks are open to all, but all groups do not use them equally. Low-income residents and ethnic minorities make up a disproportionately small share of large open-space park users. Youths may stand to benefit the most. Contact with the outdoors can inspire creativity, curiosity and self-confidence, and it boosts learning abilities while easing hyperactivity, recreation advocates say.

Florida PSC approves agreement for new biomass plant in Florida
Energy Online - 17 Aug 2006
The Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) approved on Tuesday a petition for Progress Energy Florida (Progress) to buy energy produced by the Florida Biomass Energy Group, LLC (Florida Biomass) at a proposed 116-MW biomass plant located near Lake Okeechobee. The plant is scheduled to commence operations no later than December 2009.

Three projects added to Florida Forever acquisition lists
FL Department of Environmental Protection - 15 Aug 2006
Governor Jeb Bush and the Florida Cabinet voted to add three new projects to the Florida Forever land acquisition lists. Proposed by the Acquisition and Restoration Council, the new projects and modifications to the lists further Florida’s commitment to preserving and protecting the state’s natural resources.

Thieves swipe tree bark for thriving herbal market
New York Times - 12 Aug 2006
Slippery elm trees here are falling victim to thieves who tear off their bark to sell in the burgeoning herbal-remedy market.

Auto industry and E.P.A. agree on program to recycle mercury
New York Times - 11 Aug 2006
The Environmental Protection Agency said Friday that a new program paid for by industry groups would help capture up to seven tons of mercury emissions a year from old and out-of-use vehicles.

Forestry Department seeks to increase forest cover in urban areas
Jamaica Information Service - 11 Aug 2006
The Forestry Department in Jamaica is spearheading the development of urban and community forests as part of efforts to increase the country's forest cover.

Companies successfully develop compostable paper coating
GreenBiz.com - 8 Aug 2006
Three companies have announced that they have completed development of a fully renewable and biodegradable (or compostable) extrusion-coated paperboard product that can be manufactured into cups.

Homes spared at Black Crater fire boost interface protection effort
Salem-News.com - 4 Aug 2006
Fire officials say residents listened, and their creation of firebreaks saved every threatened home, while promoting the entire fire prevention effort.

Group backs roadless areas
The Durango Herald - 4 Aug 2006
A state task force voted Thursday to keep new roads out of most roadless areas, including for future oil and gas leases.

Union's trees get a new friend
The Charlotte Observer, NC - 4 Aug 2006
David Grant was recently hired as the county's urban forester and will specialize in "treescape" and tree canopy issues in urban areas. Grant will help preserve the county's "green" appeal it develops.

What we don't see can hurt environment
The Leaf Chronicle, TN - 3 Aug 2006
In the tree care industry and municipal forestry, there are two major hurdles that we must overcome: ignorance and apathy.

Biomass energy: The new frontier?
Forest Products Journal - 1 Aug 2006
With the high cost of refined products from crude oil, it is important to find less expensive alternatives. It is also desirable to reduce fossil fuel consumption to alleviate harmful effects of global warming.