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Here you can find current news articles about wildland-urban interface issues in the U.S. and abroad. Please note that while Interface South maintains news archives for reference, the links may no longer be active. You may need to contact the source or host website for more information.

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Oct 2007 contains 13 News Articles.

'Yes' on open space
Daily Camera, CO - 5 Oct 2007
Publicly owned open space remains immensely popular in Boulder County, but rising population places increasing demands on finite spaces. Boulder County is now asksing voters to extend a 0.1-percent sales tax for open space.

Why we must have a Water Wars Summit
- 5 Oct 2007
The Smart Growth Coalition of North Central Florida, in conjunction with the Putnam County Environmental Council, is sponsoring an important Water Wars Summit concerning the pipeline threat to the Ocklawaha River, in Ocala Florida.

If a coyote comes a calling
LA Times, CA - 5 Oct 2007
A new website, CoyoteBytes.org, was launched two weeks ago by the University of California Cooperative Extension to gather reports of coyote sightings and attacks from residents of Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties and to share information. The goal is to prevent conflict between humans and coyotes.

Wildllife Thrives in Black River
Weymouth News, MA - 4 Oct 2007
A 30 year restoration project lead by the Back River Watershed Association of Weymouth, MA, has led to the establishment of a thriving natural habitat for fish and waterfowl in the midst of an urban area.

Nobody likes regulation, but look where we're moving
Summit Daily News, CO - 4 Oct 2007
In too many places, people have been moving into the edges of fire-prone forests and dry grasslands, establishing a new American frontier where settlement mixes with wild landscapes. The presence of these homes makes it more difficult and costly for the government officials who are responsible for bringing wildfires under control.

$50.3 million proposed to preserve open space
The Times, NJ - 3 Oct 2007
The Mercer County Board of Freeholders introduced a bond ordinance Thursday that, if passed, will approve $50.3 million in spending toward open space preservation and various capital projects.

Smarter smart growth
Baltimore Sun, Maryland - 3 Oct 2007
A report released by the National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education underscores the need to revisit the Maryland's Smart Growth law.

Training offered on building regulations
Nevada Appeal, Nevada - 2 Oct 2007
Specialized training on California's new Wildland-Urban Interface Building Standards is now being offered to builders and fire officials statewide through CAL FIRE, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

NDOW works overtime on bear issues
Mason-Valley News, Nevada - 1 Oct 2007
Urban interface bear sightings and encounters are higher than the Nevada Department of Wildlife has ever seen, and NDOW game wardens and biologists are working overtime to deal with the unprecedented number of bear calls.

Get rid of junipers near homes
Nevada Appeal, Nevada - 1 Oct 2007
The recent Nevada Wildland-Urban Interface Summit brought homeowners, agencies, government and Nevada Fire Safe Council members together to plan how to make areas safer in the face of wildfires.

"Cap and Trade" Market for Open Space?
Wolf Newswire, Maine - 1 Oct 2007
Author Charles Lawton discusses possible ways to capture the environmental externalities associated with open space.

CCISD flight?
The Caller, Texas - 1 Oct 2007
The City Council of Corpus Christi has moved to discourage expansion of infrastructure and development across their districts. The goal is to make infrastructure costs more expensive for developers in this booming area in order to encourage smart growth practices.

Wildfire is inevitable; home loss can be prevented
Redding.com, California - 1 Oct 2007
Anyone planning to construct a home or commercial building in California’s wildland-urban interface after January will notice some major changes in the construction standards and building materials required. These differences may not be easily noticeable, but they will make homes safer when wildland fire threatens.