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Here you can find current news articles about wildland-urban interface issues in the U.S. and abroad. Please note that while Interface South maintains news archives for reference, the links may no longer be active. You may need to contact the source or host website for more information.

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Oct 2009 contains 7 News Articles.

Everybody in the Pool of Green Innovation
The New York Times - 31 Oct 2009
Several major corporations have taken inspiration from the open-source software movement and are experimenting with forums for sharing environmentally friendly innovations and building communities around them. The first such effort, the Eco-Patent Commons, was started in January 2008 by I.B.M., Nokia, Pitney Bowes and Sony in collaboration with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. The concept is straightforward: Companies pledge environmental patents to the commons, and anyone can use them — free.

Farmers See Latest in Bioenergy Research at USDA Lab
Lancaster Farming - 30 Oct 2009
WYNDMOOR, Pa. - Montgomery County Farm Bureau farmers, energy specialists, and additional participating farmers met at the USDA's Eastern Regional Research Center to learn about bioenergy developments and tour the research facilities. Participants learned more about bioenergy production, the role of on-farm pyrolysis, and to see how Montgomery County farmers can be at the forefront of this developing technology.

D.C. wildfire funds rebuked, then restored
Washington Times - 29 Oct 2009
Congressional lawmakers rebuked the Forest Service for spending stimulus forest firefighting money on D.C. green-jobs programs, but gave the city the money anyway. The decision reverses a vote of the full Senate, which last month stripped the $2.8 million in wildland fire-management funds for the District, calling it a waste of critical firefighting funds. House and Senate negotiators made the move while hammering out a final public lands spending bill. They said they didn't want to recall the money, but insisted future funds be spent solely to reduce fire threats.

midwestag.netf - 29 Oct 2009
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the selection of $900,000 in Federal Urban and Community Forestry cost-share grants to ten organizations funded through the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service. The grant proposals address how urban and community trees and forests assist communities with issues such as climate change, energy conservation, and improved public health and well-being.

Energy Firms Are Split on Bill to Battle Climate Change
New York Times - 18 Oct 2009
The nation’s energy producers, once united, are battling one another over policy decisions worth hundreds of billions of dollars in the future. The American Petroleum Institute (API) trade group, dominated by major oil companies, opposes the legislation being reviewed by the Senate, saying it would discourage domestic exploration and lead to higher oil prices. But some natural gas companies, and longtime members of the API, are working actively with the bill’s sponsors to cut a better deal for their product.The measure would effectively put a price on carbon, raising the prospect that some energy producers might have to pay more than others. For that reason, billions of dollars could be at stake.

Timber sale on Oregon national forest tests Obama pledge to protect roadless areas
Washington Examiner - 12 Oct 2009
Conservation groups are closely watching the logging proposal to see if President Obama follows through on his promise to protect the 58 million acres of national forests across the country that are known as roadless areas from commercial logging. During the presidential campaign, Obama promised to respect a 2001 Clinton administration rule to protect roadless areas in national forests from commercial logging.

Beetle-ravaged trees change wildfire behavior in western Montana
Missoulian - 4 Oct 2009
It's fire behavior that's giving U.S. Forest Service land managers a lot to think about this winter. In the last week of September, at least six big forest fires made major runs across western Montana. Several of them tripled or quadrupled their acreage in one or two days of rampage. The Bielenburg jumped from 188 acres to 1,956. A frequent factor was the presence of "red-and-dead" beetle-killed trees that burned from crown to crown, sending firefighters scrambling to find safety.