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Here you can find current news articles about wildland-urban interface issues in the U.S. and abroad. Please note that while Interface South maintains news archives for reference, the links may no longer be active. You may need to contact the source or host website for more information.

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Feb 2010 contains 6 News Articles.

Palm Oil, Sugar Cane Most Sustainable Energy Crops, Study Shows
Bloomberg Business Week - 19 Feb 2010
Sugar cane grown in Brazil and palm oil from Malaysia and Indonesia rank as the most sustainable of the current generation of biofuel crops, according to researchers at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Researchers at the university's plant-science department compared nine crops on criteria including soil erosion, water use for each unit of energy produced and nitrogen usage. “In terms of net energy, sugar cane has the best score of all energy crops,” Wageningen University’s De Vries said by telephone yesterday. “A crop like corn, which scores poorly, is at 10 percent of that.”

Puerto Rico announces large tree-planting initiative
TradingMarkets.com - 17 Feb 2010
Puerto Rico's Department of Natural and Environmental Resources has launched an island-wide reforestation project. The goal is to plant a million trees over the next three years. The Caribbean island has more trees than in the past and the goal of the initiative is

Vero Beach to own Florida's first bioethanol plant
Biofuels International - 12 Feb 2010
Vero Beach, a joint venture between New Planet Energy and INEOS BioEnergy, will soon find out how much it will cost to build Florida's first bioethanol plant. It is expected to process unwanted garden foliage into eight million gallons of ethanol every year. 150 construction jobs will be created and 40 to 50 full-time jobs. $50 million has already been awarded by the US Department of Energy.

'Climate Service,' New Federal Climate Change Agency Is Forming
Huffington Post - 8 Feb 2010
The Obama administration proposed a new agency to study and report on the changing climate. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and Jane Lubchenco, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, announced NOAA will set up the new Climate Service to operate with NOAA's National Weather Service and National Ocean Service. Lubchenco said climate information is vital to the wind power industry, coastal community planning, fishermen and fishery managers, farmers and public health officials.

Are Coyotes or Humans the Perpetrators of Suburban Animal Attacks?
Scientific American - 5 Feb 2010
The coyote is reclaiming a new environment: the human environment.

USDA Promotes Recovery Act Job Creation Efforts In Arizona
Thegovmonitor.com - 1 Feb 2010
The selection of the Tonto National Forest's Hazardous Fuel Reduction Program for Recovery Act Funding was one of four initial projects in the Southwest Region's 11 National forests; a highly competitive grant was part of the first 10 percent of ARRA funded projects announced. In the last 10 years, the communities surrounding the Tonto National Forest have been threatened by several large wildfires and a restored and resilient forest ecosystem is directly proportional to the reduction of high-intensity wildfires. To date, the Forest has received Recovery Act funds worth $3.15 million and created 60 jobs with a projection of at least 100 positions.