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"Rabbit rules" - an application of Stephen Wolfram's "new kind of science" to fire spread modeling
Achtemeier, Gary L. 2003
A computer-simulated evaluation of three silvicultural practices for reducing hazardous fuel conditions and extreme fire behavior in pine flatwood forests
Brose, P. 2000
A GIS model for evaluation of water conservation strategies
Wagner, D. 1994
A landscape ecological model for wildlife enhancement of stormwater management practices in urban greenways
McGuckin, Christopher P.; Brown, Robert D. 1995
A map is worth a thousand words: satellite views of Georgia track the history of urban sprawl
Wexler, L. 2000
A model for assessing potential structure ignitions in the wildland/urban interface.
Cohen, J.D.; Chase, R.A. ; LeVan, S.L.; Tran, H.C. 1991
A model for defining and predicting the urban-wildland interface for the piedmont of South Carolina
Marek, Mary L. Webb; Gering, Lawrence R. 2002
A model for improving community preparedness for wildfire
Jakes, Pamela; Kruger, Linda; Monroe, Martha; [and others]. 2003
A practical method for estimating the impact of land use change on surface runoff, groundwater recharge and wetland hydrology
Harbor, Jonathan M. 1994
A regional model of the eastern cottontail and land-use changes in Illinois
Mankin, P.C.; Warner, R.E. 1999

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Air Pollution 2008: Sixteenth International Conference on Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Air Pollution
Skiathos, Greece (Sep 22, 2007 to Jul 24, 2007)
International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology
New Orleans, LA (Jan 23, 2005 to Jan 26, 2005)
1st National Conference on Ecosystem Restoration
Orlando, FL (Dec 06, 2004 to Dec 10, 2004)
Environmental Modelling and Simulation 2004
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands (Nov 22, 2004 to Nov 24, 2004)

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New model helps explore patterns of urban sprawl and the implications for quality of life
ASU Insight, Arizona (Feb 20, 2007)
Second Thoughts for a Designer of Software That Aids Conservation
New York Times, NY (Sep 21, 2004)
Local Forest Service officials use new computer software to fight wildfires
Montrose Daily Press, CO (Jul 18, 2004)
Climate Change Scenarios Alter Forecasts
Newsday (Jun 09, 2003)

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Federal Geographic Data Committee: National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
ICE: Information Center for the Environment
Project Gigalopolis: Urban and Land Cover Modeling
Socioeconomic Data & Applications Center (SEDAC)
Sustainable Water Resources Roundtable (SWRR)
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
Urban Forests and Climate Change: Carbon Calculator
Urban Growth and Land Use Modeling Research

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