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"City Form and Natural Process" - indicators for the ecological performance of urban areas and their application for Merseyside, UK.
Whitford, V.; Ennos, A.R.; Handley, J.F 2001
2003 National Planning Conference: the wildland-urban interface [Audio Cassette]
American Planning Association, comp. 2003
A 'whole' lot of planning going on
Rubin, D.K., M.B. Powers, H. Carr and D.B. Rosenbaum 1993
A case study of wildfire mitigation strategies in wildland/urban development
Abt, R.C.; Kuypers, M.; Whitson, J.B. [nd]
A fire professional
Degrosky, Michael T. 1997
A knowledge-based information management system for watershed analysis in the Pacific Northwest U.S.
Reynolds, K.; Cunningham, P.; Bednar, L. [and others] 1996
A Scientific Framework for Managing Urban Natural Areas
Mazzotti, Frank J.; Morgenstern, Carol 1997
A world wide web human dimensions framework and database for wildlife and forest planning
Tarrant, M.A.; Bright, A.D.; Cordell, H.K. 1999
Alabama Forest Resource Center strategic planning, procedures and standards for conservation easments
The Alabama Forest Resource Center [2000]
Alternatives to sprawl
Young, D. 1995

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2008 Global Waste Management Symposium
The Rocky Mountains of Colorado (Sep 07, 2008 to Sep 10, 2008)
Fourth International Conference on Comparing Design in Nature with Science and Engineering
The Algarve, Portugal (Jun 24, 2008 to Jun 26, 2008)
Eco-Architecture 2008: Second International Conference on Harmonisation Between Architecture and Nature
Algarve, Portugal (Jun 23, 2008 to Jun 25, 2008)
Waste Management 2008: Fourth International Conference on Waste Management and the Environment
Granada, Spain (Jun 02, 2008 to Jun 04, 2008)
Brownfields 2008: 4th International Conference on Prevention, Assessment, Rehabilitation, Restoration, and Development of Brownfield Sites
Cephalonia, Greece (May 06, 2008 to May 08, 2008)
III International Symposium on Fire Economics, Planning and Policy: Common Problems and Approaches
Carolina, Puerto Rico (Apr 29, 2008 to May 02, 2008)
EcoCity 2008
San Francisco, California (Apr 22, 2008 to Apr 23, 2008)
7th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth
Washington, DC (Feb 07, 2008 to Feb 09, 2008)
From Gray Areas to Green Areas: Developing Sustainable Practices in Preservation Environments
Austin, Texas (Nov 01, 2007 to Nov 03, 2007)
Restoring Native Ecosystems
Philadelphia, PA and Columbus, OH (Jun 26, 2007 to Jun 27, 2007)

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Nobody likes regulation, but look where we're moving
Summit Daily News, CO (Oct 04, 2007)
Training offered on building regulations
Nevada Appeal, Nevada (Oct 02, 2007)
Wildfire is inevitable; home loss can be prevented
Redding.com, California (Oct 01, 2007)
Open space planning must start early, state parks director said
Cronkite News Service, AZ (Sep 26, 2007)
Are You Brush Fire-Ready?
Home and Lifestyle, CA (Sep 24, 2007)
Township wants 2 cents more for open space tax
Star Ledger, NJ (Sep 12, 2007)
Berthoud develops wildfire protection plan
The Longmont Daily Times,CO (Sep 10, 2007)
Side with safety
The News Observer, NC (Sep 10, 2007)
Scientists and the city
High Country News, AZ (Sep 07, 2007)
What would it take to make your home safe?
The Register Gaurd, Oregon (Sep 06, 2007)

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American Planning Association
Atlanta Regional Commission
Center for Livable Communities
Center for Neighborhood Technology
Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE)
Congress for the New Urbanism
Council of Governments
Division of Community Assistance
Ecocity Cleveland

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Carmon, Lee A.
AICP, Planning Director/General Counsel
Smith, Marc T.
Land Planning Specialist

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